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Before & After Videos

This section of our site is to allow you to put yourself in our past customer's shoes. Watch our short videos that showcase the journey from no hair to 'Be Safe Health'!

Bristol, UK

Tom Ford

Tom embarked on an exhilarating journey to Istanbul to undergo a hair transplantation procedure. With a sense of anticipation, he arrived at the renowned clinic, where skilled surgeons meticulously performed 3500 grafts to restore his hairline. As the city's rich history intertwined with his personal transformation, Tom left Istanbul with newfound confidence and a rejuvenated appearance.

Leeds, UK

Areef Ravat

Areef Ravat embarked on a thrilling odyssey with What No Hair hair loss clinic, in pursuit of a personalized remedy for his distinct hair loss concerns. Brimming with optimism and eagerness, he entrusted the adept professionals to address his unique requirements. The dedicated team executed an intricate hair transplantation procedure with utmost precision, deftly employing 500 grafts to artistically revamp Areef's hairline and elevate his overall visage. Throughout his life-altering encounter, Areef experienced unwavering support and impeccable care, cherishing the adeptness and bespoke attention he received. Departing the clinic with a revitalized self-assurance, Areef eagerly anticipated embracing an upcoming chapter adorned with an effortlessly natural hairline and a revived sense of poise.


Neil Huban

Neil Huban embarked on an extraordinary journey from Ireland to Istanbul, fueled by his eagerness for a remarkable transformation. With a mix of anticipation and excitement, he arrived in the vibrant city, ready to undergo a life-changing hair transplantation procedure. Guided by skilled surgeons, he experienced an extensive session of 5000 grafts, expertly tailored to redefine his hairline and enhance his self-assurance. As Neil immersed himself in Istanbul's captivating culture and admired its stunning landmarks, he cherished the memories of his transformative experience, returning to Ireland with a renewed sense of confidence and a revitalized appearance.

Leeds, UK

Gary Wall

The dedicated team meticulously performed an extensive hair transplantation procedure, utilizing 5500 grafts to restore Gary's hairline and revitalize his appearance. Throughout his experience, Gary felt supported and well-cared for, appreciating the expertise and personalized attention he received. As he left the clinic with newfound confidence, Gary looked forward to embracing a future with a fuller head of hair and renewed self-esteem.



Meet our remarkable hair transplant patient who required 5000 grafts for a comprehensive restoration. Struggling with significant hair loss, this individual sought a transformative solution to regain a natural-looking hairline and enhance their overall appearance. Entrusting our skilled team, they underwent a meticulous hair transplantation procedure. With the strategic placement of 5000 grafts, their hairline was meticulously reconstructed, resulting in a remarkable transformation. The patient's newfound confidence and rejuvenated appearance speak volumes about the success of the procedure, showcasing the power of hair transplantation to restore self-assurance and provide a renewed sense of well-being.

Dubai, UAE

Captain Tom Walker 

Captain Tom Walker, a pilot based in Dubai, had an outstanding hair transplant experience with Be Safe Health clinic. Struggling with a receding hairline that impacted his confidence both personally and professionally, He turned to the expertise of the clinic. The skilled team at What No Hair meticulously performed a hair transplant procedure using 5000 grafts, achieving a flawless restoration of his hairline. Captain Tom was impressed by the meticulous attention and personalized care he received throughout the process. The remarkable results surpassed his expectations, with a natural-looking head of hair that has revitalised his self-assurance. Thanks to Be Safe Health. Captain Tom now feels rejuvenated and ready to conquer the skies with newfound confidence.

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