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We prioritise comprehensive aftercare to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of our patients throughout their cosmetic surgery journey. With access to a qualified specialist cosmetic surgery nurse available 24 hours a day, patients can rest assured that continuous support is readily accessible. During office hours, patients are provided with a clinic number to directly communicate with a Nurse, while for after-hours emergencies, including weekends and weekdays between 5:30pm-9:30am, an emergency contact number is provided. This ensures immediate access to clinical or medical attention when necessary, maintaining a seamless line of communication between patients, nursing professionals, and our surgeons and Medical Director.

Additionally, we emphasise the importance of post-operative appointments, which are crucial for monitoring progress and providing personalised guidance. Patients are required to attend these appointments as scheduled by their clinical team, adhering to the advice and instructions received during their pre-operative assessment and Surgeon consultation. Compliance with this guidance is essential to optimise outcomes, as failure to do so may compromise results and may impact eligibility for revision surgery, as determined by the Surgeon.

Furthermore, we operate under an open-door policy, wherein patients are encouraged to voice any concerns or queries following their surgery, irrespective of warranty or aftercare period. Our commitment to continued patient care means that a nurse will see them free of charge regarding their procedure, addressing any clinical concerns and arranging appointments with a surgeon if deemed necessary. This commitment underscores our duty of care to all patients, ensuring that they remain fully informed and supported throughout every stage of their journey towards aesthetic enhancement

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