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Innovative Care, Tailored for You

Be Safe Health is at the forefront of modernising patient care in the cosmetic surgery industry. We're excited to introduce our pioneering eConsult service, designed to provide high-quality, efficient, and personalised care that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. As the first cosmetic surgery provider to offer virtual consultations, we're proud to bring our expert team to you, wherever you are in the UK.

What is an eConsult?

Our eConsult service is a complimentary offering that connects you with our team of Advisors through a secure and private video call. Whether you're at home or on-the-go, you can have detailed discussions about your cosmetic surgery needs with an eConsult Advisor, your assigned Surgeon, and attend pre-operative Nurse appointments, all from the comfort of your preferred surroundings. This service is designed to provide the same level of personalised and supportive experience you would receive in person, tailored to fit your busy schedule.

Benefits of eConsultations

Reduced Travel: Forget the stress of public transport or city traffic. Save time and enjoy the convenience of consultations from anywhere, without worrying about childcare. Convenience & Safety: Experience the Be Safe Health service from your home, minimising the need for in-person interactions until they are necessary.
Ease of Use: Joining your eConsult is straightforward. We'll send you a link on the day of your appointment for a one-click entry from any device, accessible through any web browser.
Meeting Your Surgeon: Your journey will lead you to meet your surgeon at the clinic. This face-to-face consultation is a vital step in preparing for your procedure, offering a chance to discuss your aspirations, understand the process, and address any queries or concerns.

What to Expect During Your eConsult?

On the day of your eConsult, you'll receive a direct link via text and email. After a brief introductory video, you'll join a virtual waiting area, soon connecting with your eConsult Advisor. Please be ready to present a form of ID. This session is your opportunity to gather all necessary information, ensuring you're well-informed and comfortable with the next steps in your cosmetic surgery journey.

How to Book Your eConsult?

Ready to take the first step? Booking your eConsult is easy. Simply visit our website to schedule your appointment online or reach out through our Contact page for a callback from one of our advisors. We offer a variety of eConsult times, including daytime, evening, and weekend slots, to accommodate your unique schedule.

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