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Welcome to Be Safe Health UK Ltd, a leading provider of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery services across various European cities, including London, Istanbul, Napoli, Sardinia, Ancona, Berlin, and Mannheim. Our clinic is recognised for its state-of-the-art solutions addressing hair loss and cosmetic enhancement. We take great pride in our dedication to offering premium treatments that are both cost-effective and highly efficacious.

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Who Are We?

At Be Safe Health, our team comprises highly skilled and GMC-registered medical professionals specialising in hair transplant and cosmetic surgery. With extensive experience and a commitment to safety, they ensure the delivery of secure treatments to all our patients.


Recognising the unique needs of each patient, we are pleased to offer the expertise of Sean-Jordan Baruch, our distinguished Hair Loss CEO Consultant with over 25 years of industry experience. Sean-Jordan provides personalised guidance and expert advice to assist patients in making well- informed decisions regarding their treatment options. For inquiries or consultations, please reach out to him on 0800 009 6034.


At Be Safe Health UK Ltd, our mission is to enhance your appearance and confidence while prioritising your safety and satisfaction. For those seeking transformative solutions in hair transplant or cosmetic surgery, Be Safe Health UK Ltd stands as your premier choice.

Multi-Award Winning
Hair Transplant Clinic

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