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What is a Hair Transplant & the three methods

What No Hair - Hair Transplants


What is Hair Transplant? What are the methods? How is it performed?


Hair transplantation transfers healthy grafts from a region with solid roots to a thin or hairless part. Grafts are taken from the extraction areas (back of the head close to the nape) and beard and chest area of the client, if necessary) that are genetically coded not to be shed and are resistant to shedding. For this reason, they do not lose their genetic characteristics and preserve their genes even if they are transferred to the area with hair loss.


A hair transplant is a 4-stage process.


First Stage – General Tests, Planning and Preparation:

After the general tests of the client who is deemed suitable for the procedure after the hair analysis, the hairline is determined in line with the anatomy and requests of the client. The operation method and the hairline shape are prepared in line with the client’s request and consent, and the transplantation plan is created.


Second Stage – Anesthesia and Extraction Process:

Anaesthesia Application: Before the hair transplant procedure, local anaesthesia is applied to the donor area, where the graft will be taken by using a needle-free/painless pressure anaesthesia device. Then, the anaesthetised donor area is supported by an anaesthetic injection. After the anaesthesia procedure, the clients do not feel any pain during the operation.


For clients who do not want to feel the local anaesthesia application, mild sedation may be preferred if the client's health status is deemed appropriate by the anaesthetist performing the gentle sedation procedure. The client is conscious and able to speak while under the influence of mild sedation. In this way, the client is provided with a comfortable anaesthesia period.


Extraction Process: It takes the hair follicles planned to be transplanted with the operation one by one from the donor area with micromotor burs. The grafts taken are collected one by one and placed in sterile gas buffers and kept in a unique solution.




Third Stage – Channel Opening:


It is the process of preparing the grafts placed in the area to be planted with the material selected according to the length and diameter of the grafts taken.


Fourth Stage – Transfer Stage:


Grafts kept in unique solutions are transferred to the prepared channels through forceps. After the transplantation, the donor area is closed by dressing. The client is informed about the drugs to be used after the procedure and the points to be considered. An appointment is created for the first washing process.





Hair Transplant Methods


Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT);


It takes hair follicles from the donor area by an incision in a strip. FUT is old technology, and a sufficient root number cannot be obtained for the client. Therefore, it is no longer preferred.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE);


Fue is the most preferred and state-of-the-art method today. With this method, it is possible to reach a sufficient number of roots for the client. It is the procedure in which hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area through micromotor burs.


There are many techniques for this method. The most appropriate approach is determined and applied in line with the client’s expectations and needs.




Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant;


In the sapphire fue hair transplant technique, channels are opened with crystal tips produced from natural sapphire. These tips are selected according to the length and diameter of the hair follicles, and a natural appearance is aimed. Since the channels opened with sapphire material are more frequent and smaller, the healing process is faster, and there is no scarring risk.


FUE Hair Transplant


In the FUE Slit hair transplant technique, channels are opened with a titanium head. This titanium material is cut according to the length and diameter of the hair follicles taken, and channels are prepared. It is a successful and frequently preferred technique.


DHI Hair Transplant;


DHI(Direct hair implantation) is an improved version of Fue hair transplantation. In this technique, the hair follicles taken are transferred to the planned planting area through special pens (Choi-pen) without opening a canal. The Choi pen has a channel-shaped cylindrical and sharp tip, and the hair follicles taken are placed on these cylindrical ends. The canal and transplantation processes are performed simultaneously.


Robotic Hair Transplant;


It is a new generation of hair transplant surgery that performs hair transplant operations comfortably and without errors. In robotic surgery, grafts are taken ideally with a hair transplant robot and then placed manually in the perfect channels opened with superior technology. Optical readers are coded to take the most substantial roots. Robotic hair surgery is a system with a minimised margin of error.





Beard Transplant

A beard transplant transfers mostly single grafts taken from the donor area (back of the head) to the space needed in the beard.


Moustache Transplant

A moustache transplant transfers single grafts from the hairy area to the hair-deficient area in the upper lip region.


Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant is one of the most preferred treatment methods, especially for women. Thin single roots taken from the nape area are used in eyebrow transplants. Successful results are obtained with the right treatment


Hair Transplant in Women

A hair transplant in women is a micro-surgical procedure that permanently eliminates baldness due to genetic, hormonal or some disorders. Grafts taken from the client's donor area inconspicuously are transplanted to the determined hairless area using an appropriate technique.


In this hair transplant process, also known as unshaven hair transplant, a window is opened behind two ears so that it is not visible when the hair is opened. So, it will be inconspicuous that the client has undergone hair transplantation. A successful and natural hair transplantation process is performed through the correct planning.


Unshaven Hair Transplant

In unshaven hair transplantation, hair transplantation is performed without shaving the area where the hair follicles will be taken, and the transplantation will be done in any way. Unshaven hair transplantation is a technique generally applied to clients with less clarity.


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