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"Regain Your Hair with Prescription-Only Medications - Be Safe Health UK Ltd"


Be Safe Health UK Ltd Announces Exciting Product Launch for Prescription-Only Hair Loss Medications

London, UK - 27th January 2024

Be Safe Health UK Ltd is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest offerings in prescription-only medications for hair loss treatments. Partnering with a private pharmacist, Be Safe Health UK provides fresh and potent medicines that deliver long-lasting results.

Unlike generic versions, Be Safe Health UK's medications are prepared fresh daily, ensuring their potency remains intact. This commitment to quality sets their products apart and offers customers a superior solution for addressing hair loss concerns.

One standout product is the 5% minoxidil + 0.1% finasteride or dutasteride topical liquid. Each bottle contains 100ml of the product, and with a simple evening application, customers can say goodbye to greasy hair in the morning. Moreover, one bottle provides a 100-day supply, offering long-lasting results and convenience.

To ensure safety and effectiveness, Be Safe Health UK requires customers to complete a medical questionnaire before ordering prescription-only medications. This personalised approach ensures that customers receive the most suitable treatment.

In addition to medications, Be Safe Health UK offers custom-made pharmaceutical shampoos tailored to address individual concerns. These shampoos provide a targeted solution for optimal hair health.

Furthermore, Be Safe Health UK introduces the Graft Growth Accelerator (GGA) for post-op clients. This innovative product accelerates the growth of new hair grafts by three times, providing enhanced results and a faster recovery process.

To expand its product range, Be Safe Health UK retails laser devices at a significantly reduced price of £150. These devices have shown promising results in hair restoration and can be a valuable addition to any hair loss treatment regimen.

"We are delighted to launch our new range of prescription-only medications and innovative products to combat hair loss," said Sean-Jordan Baruch, CEO at Be Safe Health UK Ltd. "Our commitment to freshness, potency, and personalised solutions sets us apart in the industry. We are confident that our products will help individuals regain their confidence and take control of their hair."

For more information on Be Safe Health UK Ltd and their range of hair loss treatments, don't hesitate to contact Sean-Jordan Baruch at Be Safe Health - UK Ltd.

About Be Safe Health UK Ltd:

Be Safe Health UK Ltd is a leading medical company specialising in hair loss treatments. Focusing on prescription-only medications, they provide fresh and potent solutions that deliver long-lasting results. Committed to personalised care, Be Safe Health UK offers custom-made shampoos and innovative products to address individual concerns.


Media Contact:

Sean-Jordan Baruch


Be Safe Health UK Ltd

0800 0096034

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