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"Transform Your Hair with 4000 Grafts in Istanbul - Seamless Journey, 5-Star Service"

Are you ready for a hair-raising adventure? Meet Harvey, who recently visited Istanbul to have 4000 grafts to replace his lost hair. His journey was seamless, from the top-notch transportation to the luxurious hotel that exceeded his expectations. The driver picked him up at the airport within minutes of arriving, providing fantastic service. Harvey got to experience the breathtaking beauty of Istanbul by night, and after a night of sightseeing, he was transferred to the Grand Cevahir Hotel to rest. The next day, the driver picked him up at 7.30 am after breakfast to go to surgery. After 4000 FUE grafts, Harvey was transferred back to the hotel. The hospital staff were professional and made him feel comfortable throughout, providing seven-star service. On day three, he went back to the hospital to have his bandages removed and his head washed. They even gave him a medical pack to take back to England, with everything he needed in under 100 ml bottles. The attention to detail was impressive. On the fourth day, the driver took Harvey back to the airport at flight time. Throughout the journey, Sean-Jordan Baruch was in contact with him every day, explaining, advising, and reassuring him. The personal touch made the experience even more enjoyable. Overall, Harvey rates this trip as five stars and would rate it seven stars if he could. He is even returning to see Sean-Jordan Baruch in the UK for aftercare. Stay tuned for updates on his progress!


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