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What No Hair - Treatments

What makes What No Hair/Teeth Limited different from other hair loss clinics?

Well, it’s our aftercare service!

Unlike other hair loss clinics, at What NonHair we offer a top-notch aftercare service to ensure that our clients get the best possible results.

Here’s what you should know

⏩ When you get a hair transplant at What No Hair we offer a fantastic Aftercare package tailored to your needs.

⏩ This six-month aftercare package will increase your graft growth by 300% and help heal the scalp properly.

⏩ Also, our medical staff will continuously evaluate your hair transplant results during the aftercare process.

⏩ Based on this assessment, we’ll determine if you need further treatment. However, if you follow the guidelines correctly, you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Most importantly, as a part of our Aftercare package, you’ll have access to our advice line. Our experienced members of staff and trained specialists will always be available to answer your questions or discuss any concerns you might have. You can also schedule check-up appointments if needed.

Trust us; with What No Hair Ltd, your hair can never go wrong!

So, if you’re yet to book your appointment, please reach out to us here or via 074-01132-399 (Leeds)

Feel free to send us a message today!

Thanks again

Sean-Jordan Baruch


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